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Women in Authority
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Fiction, discussion and artwork related to women in charge

This community is for celebrating women who are in charge - whether in the workplace, the home or the bedroom. Anyone who wants to may join.

Anything on-topic may be posted here. This includes discussion, stories (whether fanfiction or original fiction), recommendations for stories, books or movies, plot bunnies and fic searches, artwork, icons, links to relevant websites, etc.

Stories and artwork may be posted with female submissives, so long as there are also female dominants.

Posting rules

  1. Please use lj-cuts for long posts, especially those containing stories or artwork. If you don't know how to make one, go to the livejournal FAQ pages. Art posts may include a small thumbnail or up to 3 icons above the cut. In particular, please make sure that no adult content is visible above the cut.

  2. Please tag your posts. If you need a tag added, please comment on this post to request it.

  3. Please do not make off-topic posts without prior permission from the moderator.

  4. If you are posting a story or a story/book recommendation, please make sure to include any vital information for the reader, such as a summary, warnings, pairings and rating. If it is fanfiction, please make sure to state the fandom clearly.

  5. No stories or artwork featuring explicit depictions of children having sex are allowed.

  6. Please be considerate of other community members, and refrain from bashing any person whether real or fictional.

If you would like to help promote this community, there are banners available (thanks sexycazzy).

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